Marble Score 3 And 4

Riddled with a good amount of creamy white fat marbling, MS 3 and MS 4 Wagyu beef delivers mouthwatering flavor, and a softer texture than you’ll ever experience from supermarket steaks, all thanks to the privileged flavor profile of Wagyu cattle genetics. At a reasonable price, this is the perfect starter Wagyu…or for those who like to indulge often!

Marble Score 5 And 6

Richer and denser premium steak cuts, with Marble Scores of 5 and 6 you’ll see significantly more of that gorgeous webbing of fat, and you’ll notice a creamier mouth-feel in each bite. Buttery without being overwhelmingly opulent, you still indulge in big portions without risking a richness overload.

Marble Score 7 And 8

With Marble Score 7 and 8 Wagyu you’re entering rarefied realm of the billionaires of beef. There’s a whole new level of richness to these steaks, with softness approaching stick-of-butter levels. Succulent and juicy, that gorgeous web of creamy intramuscular fat – the marbling – which characterizes Wagyu beef spreads more and more throughout the meat, giving it melt-in-your-mouth texture that you’ll never forget.



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